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March Against Farm Attacks & Farm Murders

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I Support our Farmers & I Say FARM ATTACKS MUST STOP NOW!!!!


Tracey Heylen

I am wearing all black today, Monday, 30th October 2017, in memory of all our farmers who have been brutally murdered.


Wayne Heylen

To ALL SOUTH AFRICANS,who have taken to STAND TOGETHER AS ONE AGAINST EVIL & the MURDERERS who have PLAGUED OUR COUNTRY & spreading hatred between THE GOOD PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA & are now saying: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,I stand with you & SALUTE you... ONE LOVE & GBU ALL... PEACE ✌️

Black Monday Selfie

I support farmers

Black Monday Kim

I support the Black Monday initiative - although I cannot be there - I am in spirit. The killings have to stop - there is NO justification for this - It is absolutely reprehensible that our farmers cannot get the protection from our government against these absolutely barbaric acts of entitlement and savagery! We are going to degenerate into a society of total barbarianism and will be fighting like with like - it will descend into the wars of old - just stop already - give more attention to this instead ridiculous non life threatening issues that are constantly in the news - HELP NOW!
If you want to feed your families in the future - HELP the families that make it possible!
SAVE the Farmers!

All Black


Enough is enough



Stop the Attacks on Farmers

Stop the Attacks on Farmers
Stop the Racism because Im also a Farmer
Stop Stop Stop

Stop farm murders !


Stop the killing let's be human.we are one


Me and my hubby AGAINST farm murders


Thank u for each and every Boer of SA and we are thinking of those who lost their lives due to farm murders.

Stop the killings beautiful rainbow nation

Stop Murdering The People That Feed The Nation

When nothing is done, nothing will change

gerhard theunissen

all the killing must stop.

Stop the murder of our farmers

Kom ons as Suid Afrikaners Staan saam teen die moord van ons mense.

Mr Abdul

Please stop killing our farmers.Let's stand together and fight crime.


I support no violence against anyone!!!!

Ek stem saam.

Heidelberg support our farmers gauteng

What a good turn out thanx

Stop Farm Murders

We stand together as a nation! No Farmer, No Food. Our prayers go out to all the Farmers! Ek is trots om 100% Afrikaans the wees!

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